You are interested in online training, but you want to learn all you can about any training system before making a decision. If you have a project, a timeframe, and a budget for implementing online training, you can benefit from a targeted test drive.

Use a hands-on trial period with the E-University and get instant answers to your questions. Each trial is set up in a separate, private environment for exploring options, building courses, and utilizing the E-University student module. During your trial period, you can set your own options, generate realistic training activity, run as many reports as you wish, and essentially utilize the entire E-University system.

Your search for a proven flexible training system includes asking the right kinds of questions. Questions like the following are typical of those which are answered during a hands-on test drive:

  • How can I use external material, like Flash, HTML and video in my E-University courses without programming or conversion?
  • How does my learning content look when used with the E-University delivery and management system?
  • What kind of template-based learning is available?
  • What kinds of behavior and configuration options is available with the click of a button?
  • Where do I select permissions for my authors, managers, and other users?
  • How do multimedia and interactivity support the learning process?
  • What kinds of reports and analysis are provided?
  • How are courses built and tracked?
  • Where are Skill Groups defined and how is progress monitored?


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E-University features industrial strength high-security. All communication is secured by digital certificated issued by a trust center authority. The data is encrypted using modern state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption and 2048-bit secured key exchange.


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