E-University learning management systems the best choice for eLearning


-University is a web-based learning management system which can create animated training courses (tests for them) and deliver education content to students.

Our  eLearning suite allows to arrange a “live communication" among the student groups of various sizes – 20 to 1000 people at a time plus a professor, as well as to monitor the university’s basic business processes.

The learning management system’s architecture is that of a single module, which allows to manage most of the standard processes of arranging a distance education by a university or a corporation in accordance with the international model of distance education: Plan, Deliver, Manage, and Improve (PDMI).

Our learning content management system established in accordance with PDMI model.

Practicability and Efficiency
Planning and organizing

Our approach to arranging a distance education is practical and efficient. When you start doing something, you usually plan the outcome, and it’s the expected result that allows to help plan the sequence of actions that will lead you to achieving it. This first axiom of creating distance education systems is completely implemented in E-University learning management systems.

Delivery and creation
After planning here comes the time of visualization. At this stage we visualize absolutely all of the elements of distance education system – from the educational content development modules to the virtual classrooms. E-University learning content management system allows you to create professional educational content using any applications and file types, while an Avatar animation technology enlivens your textbooks, as your coaches and professors will give lectures at each unit of your book, which will give your audience a feeling of permanent presence at the full-time lectures.

Management and control
All above mentioned is impossible without a system of professional management of distance education process. E-University learning management systems includes 18 modules and functions for managing and organizing the process of distance education, the main ones being modules of control over students, professors, staff, courses, class times, tests, as well as modules allowing to monitor activity of students, professors and staff.

Improvements and modification
E-University learning management systems offers you everything you need to analyze and compare the planned efficiency of your students' study of different training modules with actual efficiency, which means you can constantly improve your training materials and methods of distance teaching. You can create polls and analyze your respondents’ answers in order to reasonably improve your distance learning system.

Planning and organizing
Let's start with the end....
E-University learning content management system is a modern powerful software for organizing distance education, allowing universities to erase the boundaries between traditional full-time education and Internet-distanced training, with the quality of distance education being at some points better than that of the full-time training. However, all the benefits of the system may be enjoyed only after accurately specifying the objectives of distance learning process, perfecting university's business processes and customizing the system based upon the developed logic. Analysis of teaching and business processes of a university and their transfer of E-University are doing on the stage of introducing the system of distance education at your university. 

The high degree of organization within the E-University will allow to implement any teaching and business processes, established at the university.

E-University learning management systems  has all the necessary modules to solve these problems:

Constructor of user roles and rights of actions in the system, depending on roles
Constructor of administering the access to the system by different user groups
Constructor of multi-functional manuals to the system
Constructor of student categories, educational content types and access rights to educational content.

E-University learning content management system: delivery and creation.

E-University presents simplicity, ease and speed of delivery of professional educational content to an unlimited number of students on the Internet.
E-University Training courses module is modern text editor with an intuitive interface focused on creating the electronic educational content, which allows to create an e-learning courses quickly and easily. The ability to use audio, video, Flash and GIF animations, alongside with Avatar lectures will considerably enrich your training materials.
E-University Tests Module allows to create tests on any school subjects, any university subjects, tests for proficiency testing, psychological tests, etc.
E-University Established educational content falls into the students personal cabinets in accordance with the requirements of the educational process. Personal cabinet is the student’s main e-place, allowing him/her to receive electronic educational materials, enter the e-classes and listen to lectures, download e-textbooks, track the status of payments for education, communicate in writing and by voice with professors and colleagues (students in a group, university, or other universities – E-University users), pass exams and to view the marks.
E-University A professor has access to the personal cabinet, where he/she can create professional e-learning courses, as well as assign the created courses to different groups of students for studying and testing the level of knowledge.
E-University Educational content is also available for managing and forming the curriculum by the staff of Teaching services department through a staff’s personal cabinet.

Management and control

In order to realize these functions E-University is equipped with such modules as:

E-University Projects/ Tasks Module is an automation of projects and task management, time-management for staff and professors. 
E-University Student’s Module allows to create a student’s personal cabinet, accumulate the information about a student during the training period and solve many other learning problems of the electronic university. 
E-University Webinar's Module allows to create the class times in the e-classrooms, which students and professors can visit with one click from any place in the world with Internet access.
E-University Professor’s Module allows to create and store professors’ personal records, and arrange professors’ access to their working cabinets in the E-University.
E-University Staff’s Module allows to create and store staff’s records (not professors’), arrange staff’s access to their working cabinets in the E-University.
E-University Applicant’s Module is a marketing module that allows to carry out advertising work with the website visitors in order to turn them into applicants to a university. 
E-University Tuition  Module allows invoicing for tuition and monitoring student payments.
E-University Document's Module, the information repository of the university internal documents, allows to create multiple folders, thus cataloging the electronic documentation of a university.
E-University Report’s Module creates reports different system users need in their day-to-day activities of organizing and managing the distance learning process.
E-University Mailer allows e-mailing to various user groups: students, student groups or colleges, etc.

Improvements and modification

Polling module is developed for continuous monitoring of system users’ status and the quality of the educational process at the E-University, allowing to create and allocate polls on various pages of student’s cabinet, accumulating and processing the data.

E-University was created as a self-improving distance learning system. This means that the system has a full range of tools to create a modern educational content and monitor the quality from the students’ perspective, which allows university staff to constantly improve the methods of teaching, the quality of teaching materials and the style of the educational process in general.

E-classes at E-University allow to organize a full-time Internet lecture and seminars for students of all forms of education, create individual teaching plans for groups of students and individual users, create and use individual mechanisms of monitoring the digestion of knowledge. 

Using Avatar technology to create an animated courses allows to create unique animated teaching materials, listen to the lectures for each textbook unit directly from the student's personal cabinet, which creates the effect of full-time presence at the lectures and contact with the lecturer. Training courses, created under this technology, are easily adaptable, which allows to constantly monitor and maintain the quality of educational materials at the proper level.

Modern E-University Internet communicator allows free talk between the students and teachers, as well as arranging the audio conference for 3 people absolutely free. These communication formats can be successfully used for the individual voice consultations, exams, conducting mini-lectures and practical training.


Safe and without hesitation

Use E-University and don't worry about the safety of your system or your privacy.

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E-University features industrial strength high-security. All communication is secured by digital certificated issued by a trust center authority. The data is encrypted using modern state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption and 2048-bit secured key exchange.


 Encryption: 256-bit AES encryption (actual encryption algorithm may vary depending on browser capabilities).
 Digital Certificate, Public Key Infrastructure: 2048-Bit Certificate.