What’s up with Flash content management in 2010?

What’s up with Flash content management in 2010? According to Flypaper Studios (news, site), it’s all about doing right by the e-Learning customer base.

The third version of the company’s Flash CMS platform was released this week, and includes features like an overhauled data base (for speed!), learning management system (LMS) bookmarking, and a new scoring display component.

Collaboration Education is Key

We’ve said this before but we’ll say it again: the Flypaper Flash CMS platform is big on interaction. Ostensibly, companies creating Flash projects with the solution are encouraged to be more involved in the content creation process by way of real-time collaboration opportunities with outside professional agencies.

We’d say they’ve done well with this particular M.O. against similar companies such as Yooba and Fuzzle CMS. How will they keep giggin’? This time around, they’re shooting for high-performance in the educational realm.

  • Faster content processing – Flypaper has done away with their databases and replaced them with an XML system. The company claims new loading speeds will be up to 40 percent faster and save up to 70 percent faster. Additionally, the Flybrary and local Template searches are reportedly over 60 percent faster.
  • LMS bookmarking – Flypaper projects now have the ability to bookmark to any SCORM 1.2 compliant Learning Management System. Students can exit a course, and resume right where they left off.
  • New scoring data, display and variables – Flypaper hasn’t forgotten about the companies that don’t have an LMS. If you fall into this category, they offer a Scoring Display Component that will automatically display data such as each student’s current score, minimum score, total course objectives and objectives completed.

Smaller features of Flypaper 3.0 include the ability to automatically load page numbers throughout an entire project with just a couple of clicks, enhancements to the dashboard that let users sort and search projects easier, a transparent loading bar and several bug fixes.

“Flypaper has really come full circle with its e-Learning customer base, and this version of our software showcases that,” said Don Pierson, founder, president and COO of Flypaper. “While Flypaper is becoming quickly adopted for other enterprise uses such as marketing, sales and digital signage, all of which will love the performance increases, our e-Learning customers will find that this version includes some special features just for them.”

Coming Attractions (we hope)

Within the next several months the company claims new releases will include full dashboard data extraction; a scrolling RSS feed component; timer countdown component, and CSV data access. Something else to think about: many Flash CMS fans were excited last October when Flypaper was hinting around at supporting Adobe's XFL format. So far we haven't heard any additional news, but something like that would certainly be worth waiting for.



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