The Need for a Good Web Conferencing Service

Why Use a Web Conferencing Service?

Web conferencing occurs when several people hold a meeting over the internet to deliberate and share issues of common concern. A web conferencing service normally provides the programs that enable those taking part to interact online and share documents or any other applications that they want. Online conferencing is being used by numerous organizations to hold important meetings and seminars.

The importance of a good web conferencing service which enables effective interaction and sharing of information and ideas should not be underestimated. It reduces many of the individual components associated with normal (offline) conferencing while still achieving the desired results. A good web conferencing service should be able to:

  • Reduce the cost and create a dynamic way to get things done.
  • Guarantee increased attendance of the targeted audience.
  • Create and enhance reliability in the way the entire conferencing process is carried out.
  • Provide modern technology which can be used by more than a million people.
  • Increase the amount of work done while at the same time reducing the cost.

There are online conferencing services which allow the sharing of desktops thus allowing those taking part to view information whether it involves a presentation using PowerPoint, a word document, Excel or other materials that the participants need.

A web conferencing service will also enable the computers being used by the participants to be operated by remote control. Video and web conferencing services are widely used to:

  • Hold online forums.
  • Allow learning institutions to offer courses online using these web conferencing services.
  • Allow companies to train their sales staff online.
  • Allow religious organizations to conduct worship services online that allows worshippers who cannot make it to church to participate.
  • Launch products online and provide demonstrations via the web conferencing services.


No matter what the scale of your project, these services are simple to use. A Flash player (version 7.0) is usually all it takes to participate.


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