All You Need to Know About Student Information Management

Vital Student Information Management Information

The student information management system is an essential component of a school setting since it enables effective collection, storage and tracking of student information. It also allows the monitoring of opportunities and reporting of the same. Student Information Management software is a powerful system that enables:

  • Efficiency in the registration of students and a closely monitored enrollment process with every detail clearly and accurately captured. Important information is collected to enable understanding of students’ academic potential and to be able to do follow up. When registration is over, the information captured can then be moved to the students’ records and a good report prepared for extensive monitoring.
  • Good tracking of attendance and ensuring no information is misplaced. It can be done quickly and results in a reduction in the amount of time needed for staff to check attendance.
  • Timely preparations of graduation requirements, including processing of student transcripts and other documents.
  • Student records are well organized and tests along with assessments are reported accordingly.
  • Effective account management. Keeping track of school tuition and other student fees is difficult to accomplish without a organized system of handling these transactions. With a student information management system, tuition and other fees are well managed.
  • Student discipline can be closely and easily monitored with this software.

Teacher portal- This allows teachers to have access to their Gradebook, scrutinize student attendance in classes, monitor their conduct and other relevant information.

Office portal- Any school administration needs a system for tracking their students. Student information management can be used by the administration office to manage all information pertaining to students such as academic performance at the school or even the district level. The administrator can enhance security by controlling access to certain information.

Parent portal- Student course work and their academic performance can be accessed through this channel. Communication to parents and students can also be enhanced.


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