A Comprehensive Outlook on IMS Software

IMS Software Comes in Two Configurations

The IMS Software is normally available in two configurations from various providers. One of these configurations is specifically meant for head systems that are usually fixed. The head systems that are fixed usually have the inkjet printers or the laser markers that are stationary. In addition to this, the parts which are normally situated beneath the head of the marker are also stationary. This design of the IMS Software also has the capability of controlling a number of laser makers, jet printers, code readers of 2D, weight and measure scales, label printers, UV curing stations, scanners used for bar codes, etc.

The second design of the IMS Software is used for head applications of printers that are movable. This type of software normally has integrated systems that have motion assemblies. For instance, the IMS 5000 Software was specifically developed so that it can provide both the ink jet and also the laser maker with the essential control. In addition, this type of software also has SMEMA conveyors, hardware for machine vision, hardware for start and stop, a safety light curtain and scanners for bar codes.

All the various types of IMS Software usually operates within the environment of Microsoft Windows. This is due to the fact that Microsoft Windows provides a very simple set up as well as control of all the individual pieces of the marking parts. This Software also has the ability of extending the capabilities of the laser markers or the ink jet printers that are used for commercial purposes. When someone is using this Software, they have the capability of printing all of the standard fonts that Windows offers, print various logos, print all types of images, and manipulates the bar codes and/or the parameters of the 2D codes with regards to the specific substrate.


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