What is IMS Management?

IMS Management Explained

IMS (Information Management System) is a system that consists of tools for management of transactions and databases. It has advanced capabilities of processing transactions. IMS management is a system that was formulated in 1968 by IBM and has over the years undergone numerous transformations which have enhanced effectiveness and made the processing of transactions easier. There are two main components: IMS DB and IMS TM which stands for IMS Database management system and IMS Transaction Management system respectively. Data is arranged systematically in an IMS DB with the data in a lower level being dependent on the one found in the level above it. This is to ensure effective storage and easy retrieval of the data whenever needed. A messaging system is employed by IMS TM in the processing of input data and output and planning of programs.  It has a number of softwared to enable modern applications:

  • IMS 12 Preview- This IMS management software provides information at reduced costs.
  • IMS 11 enables data to be distributed directly and gets rid of hindrances to development.
  • IMS Enterprise Suite creates interfaces which are friendly to the user. This IMS management software also allows monitoring of IMS data.
  • IMS Solution Packs are for making a potentially effective return on investments.
  • IMS TM enables the process of transactions to be highly efficient by providing reliable conditions for transactions to take place. Many players in the banking sector in different parts of the world utilize the services of IMS management software due to the fact that ATMs involve transacting by IMS procedures.
  • The Transaction Manager connects with the eventual user to enable the transaction to take place and ensure that the operation is recorded.
  • Huge volumes of data are effectively handled by HALDBs (High Availability Large Data Bases) and data of more than 40 terabytes can be stored by a HALDB.

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