Important Information About E Learning Tools

E Learning Tools Explained

With the high demand for learning resource materials and advancement in technology, e learning tools have become an integral part of the learning process all over the world. E learning helps reduce the amount of time spent to learn and also improves performance and efficiency. E learning tools enable someone to create study presentations with ease. It also enables them to create learning courses within a short period of time, improve the training process and produce competent trainers.

E learning tools have significantly transformed the way we learn and has created an opportunity to reach a larger number of people than ever before at a reduced cost.

  • Presenter 09, using PowerPoint, enables you to make flash presentations and courses for e learning in just a short time.
  • Articulate Online is designed to competently track the process of e learning while at the same time reducing the complications that arise, all at a lower cost.
  • Studio 09 uses effective tools for authoring. It is one of the e learning tools which significantly enhance the speed of e learning activities.
  • Quizmaker 09 quizzes are an integral part of any learning process, be it online or otherwise. For quizzes and surveys needed for e learning, this is a tool which creates them effectively and with little difficulty.
  • Engage 09 provides discussions and interactions which are a big part of learning. E learning courses have numerous interactive sessions and therefore this e learning tool fills the gap by enabling an effortless addition of great content for interactive learning.
  • AntiPlagiarist is a tool for detecting copied and pasted parts of a document.
  • GroupWare is a web tool that assists in the management of contacts for all aspects of the activity.
  • Mind mapping enables a person to take their ideas and organize and present them in a more manner.

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