Importance of Courseware to Trainers

How to Use Courseware for Training and Marketing


Courseware is educational material that is in the form of kits and is typically used by trainers or teachers. It can also be used as tutorials by students. Courseware is packaged to be used with computers. It encompasses any area of knowledge, but the subjects on information technology are the most common. Courseware is most commonly used for the delivery of education about personal computers together with the popular applications for business like spreadsheet programs and processing. Courseware is widely used for certification programs in the IT industry. Microsoft Certified System Engineer and A + exam by the Computing Technology Association are some of the certification programs where courseware is used.


Courseware may include the following:

  • Material for classes that are led by an instructor
  • Material for self-directed computer training
  • Videos that are used by a class or by individuals

The most common way of delivering courseware that is not being provided online is the CD-ROM. The courseware information for use by trainers and teachers could include course plans, information on set up, exercises and teaching notes.

The companies that sell software, computers and other computer-related products or services may decide to offer courseware to their customers as part of their how-to guides. The training course might be used for different types of software. There is Microsoft courseware, Macintosh manuals, Excel courseware, Adobe Photoshop and a host of others.

How to Maximize Courseware Benefits

Training and educating consumers and employees so that they can use computer software in a certain way is not an easy task. It will take a lot of time and skill to develop manuals for training and design appropriate illustrations. This is the reason why a majority of business owners turn to computer courseware as opposed to creating their own training manuals. The courseware from a computer has been pre-designed and can also be customized. This simplifies the work of arranging the lessons and customizing them to fit specific training needs. It not only saves time, but also money. This is something that can be carried out from home by an individual who has a copy of the training materials.


In order to get most out of the courseware, it is important to present it in a creative way. For instance, you may decide to package it in an appealing way and then offer it to the clients as a free bonus for another purchase. Another creative way is by advertising upfront. If you  are selling software for Microsoft Word, you can advertise that each client will be offered a beginning course about how to use the software. You will then include the Microsoft courseware for each purchase. When shipping, it can be packaged neatly together with the product. Those who sell at a stores should educate their employees about promotions on bonus courseware to provide for each purchase.


When printing a courseware manual, the pages should be kept neatly in an attractive binder. A cover for the binder should include the logo of your company, location of the store and website address.


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