Is Web Conferencing Free Software Available?

Insights into Web Conferencing Free Software

Web conferencing free software enables events and information to be transmitted to diverse geographical places at the same time for free. Some of the events that can be appropriate for web conferencing include meetings, classes, training forums, webinars and computer transmissions. One person or a group can chose to use web conferencing free software.


There is available web conferencing free software; Dimdim and Mikogo. These software programs were specifically designed to replace WebEx.


Dimdim is web conferencing free software which requires no additional software to be installed in your computer if you want to hold web conferences. It assists in holding a successful business web conference or any other elated event. Dimdim also allows you to share presentations, documents and screens. Additionally, it transmits sound information and is totally free. The service is of high quality and can serve a group of up to 20 people. Dimdim is a great tool which has replaced WebEx which is not free. Thus, the use of Dimdim can help save a lot of money on your online conversations or presentations.


Dimdim allows you to share your screen by transmitting it to different participants in different geographical locations. They are able to view all that you are doing through a shared screen. In addition, you can select whether to share only part of the screen or the entire screen. The service is gearing up for even more quality services where participants will be able to use their mouse or keyboard on the transmitter’s computer.


It is also simple and easy to share documents in web conferencing using Dimdim. The first step is to upload the documents you want to share. Dimdim are able to translate them into flash files. In the web presentation, you are able to share the information from that particular file. After your presentation at the online conference, Dimdim automatically deletes the documents to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing them. Therefore, there is little fear of your information getting into unauthorized hands.


Through synchronized browsing, you can present your web pages to all the participants. Scrolling enables the participants to automatically view your pages with you. Moreover, webcam allows your guests to see you as you do your presentations.


A maximum of three participants can have microphones during an audio Dimdim web conference. Dimdim enables all participants willing to join free voice conferencing to do so.

Dimdim also allows you to record all events of the online meeting at the touch of a button. It is able to send you a link for your event. You can choose to share the information on the internet or download it.


The other important web conferencing free software is Mikogo. Mikogo presents an effective tool for sharing screens. The host requires having Mikogo software installed in the computer. As a participant, you are required to visit the Mikogo website and enter your meeting identification code. It is as simple as that and you are able to view the host’s screen. Mikogo software is very appropriate for web conferencing.


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