What are Learning Platforms?

The Benefits of Learning Platforms

Learning platforms are services that enable students and teachers to get online resources for educational purposes. These may include emails, message boards, online social networks, web sites, and other tools. This enables learning and academic results to be of high quality. Effective assessment tools can make e-learning both fun and productive. E-learning involves the transmission of content through the internet. For this model to be successful there must be a network of computers and other communication gadgets.


Learning platforms are applicable to many areas of business, NGOs and schools. They boost the knowledge of the participants at a lower cost. It also enables participants in different geographical locations to access the learning materials. Businesses can use these tools during orientation of new employees and remedial training.


Learning platforms cover the production and use of learning materials. It also entails personal learning, learner collaboration and checking of educational progress or results. In addition, it involves learning using social networks, blogs and notices. The tools require the use of learning theory while incorporating information technology. It allows learners to get education wherever they are at any time of the day. Missing out on information due to illness is eliminated because the service uses technology to send information. Even learners in remote locations can get learning materials at the same time as other participants.


Learning platforms leads to organized learning. Information and materials are coordinated among the school parties such as teachers, managers and the students themselves. This leads to the growth of opportunities as a result of effective communication. In addition, the parents are informed of their children’s progress in school. This ensures that they receive additional support to encourage any needed improvement.


This service is believed to increase the technology know-how of the concerned parties and logical thinking about other issues affecting them. They are also able to collaborate amongst themselves. A majority of slow learners find these resources effective to catch up with their more advanced colleagues. The schools have a better chance of hosting more students and catering to their needs. Furthermore, the students feel included in the leaning process.


Generally, the benefits of learning platforms can be seen in educational results. It ensures that learning is of a high quality at all times because it is readily available to a large learnert base through the internet. Students are able to boost their academic knowledge. The method is also safe to use for all users. The learner should have the ability to shift from one platform to another without losing personal information.


Nowadays, there are many learning platforms that can change schools and other institutions into success stories. However, many learning institutions find it hard to choose the best learning tool to suit specific requirements. In case you are planning on purchasing these resources, be prepared to acquire the relevant license. Apart from the cost of the license, many people have to deal with installation costs, support, maintenance and expansion costs. Moreover, if you choose to use these tools you need to have adequate IT skills.


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