How Do the GoToWebinars Stack Up?

GoToWebinars or E-University webinar server

If you are looking for an easy and professional way to host your own web seminars then you may want to look into GoToWebinars. The platform over at Go to Webinar is setup to be run and controlled by you and can have up to 1,000 people attend. One of the biggest benefits of these online webinar setups is that they can be done very quickly without having to enlist the help of a professional or IT consultant. The audio from the conference can be saved for filing or future reference and you can run the program on a MAC or a PC!

How do GoToWebinars work? The website pretty much guides you through everything whenever you decide to sign up, which can be done for free at first to trial the program. The first thing you do is schedule your webinar and enter in the set up details. Then GoToWebinars will actually create your registration and invitations for the webinar based on the information that you put in. Once you have sent out your invitations then you move onto preparing your event and even practicing it before it goes live.

The side panel of the GoToWebinars program is very user friendly and even lets you communicate with the webinar attendees easily too. A webinar is a great way to make a presentation, teach a training course and even just keep your employees or followers up to speed on things. With easy to use and affordable programs like GoToWebinars there is no reason why you should not take advantage of this program. You can even try it for free for 30 days first to see for yourself that it is easy to use and perfect for the webinars that you need to host for your business, organization and even crew.


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