Challenges Faced By Educational Institutions In Setting Up E-Learning Courses

Increasing Popularity Of Online Courses

Today the field of education is making the best use of the internet to impart knowledge to people. E-courses, online courses and online degrees are some of the outcomes of the effective use of the internet in the field of education. Distance is no more a problem; one can now be in any part of the world but undertake just about any course online. With the latest technology, even with distance education, face to face communication between the student and the professor. The increasing popularity of online courses has encouraged many educational institutions to offer online courses. There are also many E-universities on the internet today.

Challenges In Creating A Perfect Online Learning Platform

E-universities and educational institutions however are today exposed to many challenges in setting up their e-learning courses and in running the entire program. One of the main challenges comes in the form of creating apt courseware that are suitable for online use. Conventional educational system has the backing of hundreds of years of experience but when it comes to offering e-learning courses, the entire courseware needs to be recreated to fit online usage. Added to this, effective student information systems and course management systems have to be created. This poses several technology related challenges in the setting up and running of online degree programs and online courses.

Within every field, many new courses are emerging to meet the varied needs of the society and this increases the complexity of the situation. Every educational institution needs to handle multiple courses and numerous streams of students. As opposed to conventional educational system, with online courses and online degree programs students are not confined to any specific academic year. In other words, most of the online educational programs allow students to enroll for the courses any time of the year. However to manage numerous streams of students from different parts of the country and different parts of the world, the courseware needs to be tailored in such a way, that the entire program can be run at a personalized or one-to-one level. This again demands robust student information systems that are capable of keeping track of each student and the progress of each student.

Ease Of Use And Reliability Of Student Information Systems

Educational institutions that offer online courses on various disciplines should have student information systems that are easy to use and at the same time reliable. Professors should be able to integrate their courseware easily with the online system. Secondly students should be able to access and use the courseware easily without any complications. Furthermore, as the number of students interested in joining online courses is increasing day by day, student information systems used should be capable of handling large volume of students without affecting the stability of the entire system.

Most importantly student information systems used should be able to provide the professors or the educators with necessary testing tools to assess the performance of the students and to rate them. One of the most popular and most powerful online e-learning management systems available in the industry today is e-Lms.


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