The E-University learning management system partner program


ou are enthusiastic about the possibilities of E-University and you arouse interest to your clients? Then we should talk!

With your commitments and engagement we want to win new customers. We offer E-University software and services providing web meeting, telecommunication and education solutions to their customers.

The E-University learning management system partner program offers you a way to expand your business and increase your revenue. We offer a solid framework to help you and your customers succeed. We give you not only attractive margins, but also access to web-based programs and tools to assist you in your selling efforts. Whether you need partner information, sales and marketing tools, training, and/or technical support, it’s available to you.

Our partner program gives you:

Access to industry leading web conferencing and elms services
The ability to sell into a highly attractive growing marketplace
A unique value proposition and upsell opportunity for your business
Comprehensive selling, marketing and technical support
Favorable margins

We want you to succeed! E-University values and invests in its partner relationships. Our goal is to ensure your success by building a strong partnership that helps to grow your business.

In conclusion

We are proud of our reputation for providing our partners with comprehensive intrusion management products, strong technical support, effective marketing/sales tools and local sales assistance. Our products are used by a variety of organizations including Fortune 1000, financial, telecommunications, healthcare, federal government, OEMs, ISPs and ASPs. The E-University partnership provides opportunities for organizations of all types and sizes, from regional resellers to large solution providers such as ISPs and system integrators. We invite you to contact E-University sales professional today to find out more about joining our partner program.

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Use E-University and don't worry about the safety of your system or your privacy.

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E-University features industrial strength high-security. All communication is secured by digital certificated issued by a trust center authority. The data is encrypted using modern state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption and 2048-bit secured key exchange.


 Encryption: 256-bit AES encryption (actual encryption algorithm may vary depending on browser capabilities).
 Digital Certificate, Public Key Infrastructure: 2048-Bit Certificate.