he concept of "E-University"  elearning suite assumes the most advanced technologies of Internet communication between students and professors, regardless of the geographical location of all the participants of the interaction. This is one of the core strengths of E-University. Thereby our learning management system finds the solution to the basic problem of distance learning: face-to-face contact between student and professor, without which a high-quality education is not possible, as official accrediting bodies believe.

Only "E-University" elearning suite offers point-and-click setup, customization without coding, flexible import/export facilities, 3-day installation, and fully-supported pilot programs. Be part of a global success story with millions online learners.

"E-University" learning management system: be part of a global success story with millions learners.

Learning management system "E-UNIVERSITY" PRESENTS:
Individual cabinets
learning management system Admin’s personal cabinet
learning management system Professor’s personal cabinet
learning management system Staff’s personal cabinet
learning management system Student’s personal cabinet
learning management system Applicant’s personal cabinet
Academic activity
learning platform Webinar’s Server
learning platform Training courses module
learning platform Students testing
learning platform Unlimited forums for course
elearning suite Timetable (Webinars)
elearning suite Student e-record
elearning suite Archive of student records
elearning suite Students’ activity monitoring
elearning suite Protected textbooks
learning management Electronic library
learning management Avatar animation
learning management Unlimited number of users
learning management systems Offline learning support
learning management systems Repository
University Management
learning management systems Web Conference
learning management systems Projects/ task management
learning management systems Staff’s daily performance record
learning management systems Internal mail system
elearning software Workflow management
elearning software Students’ payments management
elearning software Applicants Management
elearning software Reporting
e learning system University news
e learning system Mailer
e learning system Polls
e learning system Feedback forms
e learning system Multi-assessment
E-University elearning suite:
learning content management system Ease of use - Friendly interface, extreme ease of absorption and exploitation
learning content management system Accessibility - No need for complex software and servers for administrating and using; all you need for working in the system is any Internet browser.
learning content management system Communicability – The only training system offering the most advanced technologies of Internet communication between students and professors, creating distant face-to-face contact between student and professor.
learning content management system Reliability - The use of reliable server solutions provides you an opportunity to train 24/7, 365 days a year .
learning content management system Innovativeness - Users get skilled in an interactive educational environment using up-to-date Internet technologies of training.
learning content management system Control - Permanent control over the system users ‘actions.
learning content management system Scalability - The ability to use all new functions and features added to the system by the developer.
learning content management system Protection - Educational e-textbooks created using our technology have the most reliable forms of protection against copying and information transferring to the third parties.
e learning systems Introduction – The established procedure of system implementation, saving user’s time and money. Promptness of configuring the system to the customer’s order. Your E-university will start operating within 24 hours.
e learning systems Support - Training users how to work with the system, users’ on-line support.

Show me in E-University's learning management system how to:

learning management systems Build Courses Visually
learning management system Create a new student record
learning management system Create new tutor record
learning management systems Create Online Tests
learning management system To see student information

learning management system

E-University eLearning suite: a unique opportunity for free to evaluate the quality of our product!

Quick-Start package All-inclusive package, complete training system with all the streamlined tools needed to develop and track live training:

learning management systems Secure, hosted environment with full menus, reporting
learning management systems Content authoring guide
learning management systems Online  Help system
learning management system Flexible learning templates and latest best practices
learning management system Tech support from actual software developers
learning management system 1-month subscription for any number of users
learning management system Up to 10 Hours coursebuilding assistance - if needed
learning management system Only 5999 EURO for 250 users, more for additional users


45-days Live Pilot Project Private Login & Go training environment, all development & delivery tools. Perfect for testing, proof-of-concept, and live courses:

learning platform Create, modify, deliver and measure online training in a secure E-Learning environment
learning platform Complete Login & Go training system, all screens/menus
learning platform Full management/authoring guides
learning platform Online collaboration and automated testing
e learning system Based on best practices and flexible templates
e learning system Online multimedia help, course development strategies
e learning system 45 days Pilot with tech support from actual software developers
elearning software Keep course data afterward for continued training

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learning management system

E-University eLearning suite: benefits from using our product.

Key Benefits

Streamlined elearning suite

E-Learning Instructional designers agree that the key to effective learning is interactivity. Our built in exercise templates, dynamic images and multimedia support give you a powerful elearning suite. E-University Learning Management System is a complete end-to-end learning management system, designed from the ground up for effective web-based training

E-University elearning suite: Buy Nothing, Start Training 

Some companies do not have a web server or are not interested in licensing an learning management system package. For these organizations, our Login & Go service is the perfect answer. Subscribers have a complete development, management and training system with built-in security and comprehensive reporting. 

Re-use Existing Training Materials

There is no need to throw out all the material you developed for classroom training. With E-University learning management system, you can re-use learning material such as Procedures manuals, charts, diagrams, forms, web pages, PowerPoint presentations, movies, and audio files. Often these materials can be used and tracked as learning objects. In other cases, it makes sense to adapt your content to a faster, more interactive format. Either way, E-University elearning suite lets you re-use your learning content as many times as you wish.

Single-Source learning management systems

E-University learning management system provides a complete portfolio of integrated E-Learning Software tools. It is no longer necessary to buy a learning management system from one vendor, an authoring tool from another, and collaboration tools from a third. Whether you decide to license the E-University software or subscribe to the Login & Go service, you'll have all the necessary tools provided in a single menu and environment. And Login & Go subscribers can easily and economically convert to the licensed solution with no loss of data.

Total Cost of Ownership 

E-University learning management system currently powers online training for over one million learners worldwide. It's popularity is due to its flexible feature set and low overall cost of ownership. Standard licenses start at less than 7 EURO per student. In addition, the E-University point-and-click learning management center lets you tailor your training environment to match your requirements without costly programming.

Start Training in Days, Not Months 

E-University learning management system light-weight web-native architecture is both server and bandwidth friendly. The web-based management menu lets one person monitor learning activity for a large number of online learners, so there is no need to add staff to run your training center. Built-in templates jump-start your course development process, or you can drop existing content files into a proven framework to create courses in no time

learning platform

Safe and without hesitation

Use E-University and don't worry about the safety of your system or your privacy.

learning management system



E-University features industrial strength high-security. All communication is secured by digital certificated issued by a trust center authority. The data is encrypted using modern state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption and 2048-bit secured key exchange.


 Encryption: 256-bit AES encryption (actual encryption algorithm may vary depending on browser capabilities).
 Digital Certificate, Public Key Infrastructure: 2048-Bit Certificate.